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Mohammadi Group of Companies is one of the most prominent business entities of the country. Established in 1972, Mohammadi Group of Companies is operating in different business and industrial sectors of Bangladesh.

A Brief Overview of 
Mohammadi Group of Companies

Mohammadi Group of Companies Ltd. is one of the most prominent business entities of the country. Established in 1972, Mohammadi Group of Companies is operating in different business and industrial sectors of Bangladesh. It has a spread in both production and service area. We hold pride in being one of the pioneers in the Real Estate Business and Readymade Garment industry.

Mohammadi Group of Companies Ltd. was founded by Late Alhaj Seraj-Ud-Dowla, one of the most admired names in the business arena of Bangladesh and the Founder Chairman of the group. Along with real estate sector, the Readymade Garments sector of Mohammadi Group of Companies reached to the heights of its reputation. Mr. Annisul Huq, being one keystone to the glory of Mohammadi Group, had performed his role as the Managing Director of Mohammadi Group (Readymade Garments Division) with excellence.

With admirable marketing genius of Mr. Annisul Huq, Mohammadi Group became one of the leading names in the Ready Made Garments sector nationally as well as internationally. He was successful in drawing international attention towards Mohammadi Group as many foreign buyers started to trust him in ensuring quality for their brands.

Later, Mr. Annisul Huq moved on with his own business of Ready Made Garments in the name of Mohammadi Group Ltd. as its Chairman. Later he expanded in other sectors like Real Estate, Power, IT, High Tech Entertainment, TV channel, Agriculture etc. as well. Currently, he is also the people-appraised Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation.

After the demise of our Founder Chairman, Late Alhaj Seraj-Ud-Dowla, Mohammadi Group of Companies Ltd. is running under the strong leadership of our current Chairman, Mir Mosharref Hossain, a renowned businessman and prominent journalist. He has expanded the business of Mohammadi Group of Companies in diverse sectors like; securities market, IT, Media, Shipping, Export-Import, Travel & Tourism, Agriculture, Legal Consultancy etc. Mohammadi Group of Companies holds huge pride in carrying the ideal and ethics of the Founder Chairman to build a network of responsibility and accountability around the country.

Mohammadi Group of Companies believes in serving people with honesty, integrity and dedication. We are committed to provide our clients the best customer experience of the industry. We have a committed pool of human resource that works to ensure client-oriented service and support. Our motto is to ensure client’s welfare with the best products and services driving towards client satisfaction and trust.

Real Estate and RMG being the cornerstone of Mohammadi Group of Companies, the spread of the group covers Securities Market, Shipping industry, Export-Import Trading, Media, Information Technology, Travel & Tourism etc. There are several subsidiary companies of Mohammadi Group operating in these diverse sectors.

Mohammadi Group of Companies takes pride in being a socially responsible business entity. The Group actively participates in different social activities by helping the needy people; by establishing religious and educational institutions and establishments; by promoting poor but meritorious children and students; by arranging healthcare facilities for autistic children and other financially insolvent people and by practicing ‘go green’ policies in different aspects of business.

Overall, Mohammadi Group of Companies works for the welfare of its different stakeholders by maximizing profit while being a socially responsible entity entrusted with ethics and responsibility. We believe, we will prosper with everyone around us and will be contributing on a higher scale to the development of Bangladesh.

Our Management

Late Alhaj Seraj-Ud-Dowla

Founder Chaiman

Mir Mosharref Hossain Pakbir



Managing Director

Md. Harunur Rashid